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Hey, I managed to get a key for the console beta, I've played for several hours, and I think this game is going to be really great. Has anyone else got the console beta?

I have played the beta on PC before, but I find it way smoother on the Xbox One
Wow! I would love to get a beta invite on the one and I don't normally do betas, glad to here your liking this it had/s me worried with all th rumors, but then again I have never played this on PC and I'm not too into MMO's or MMORP's but this one, this one I'm ready for, may even be worth losing the GTASC for!
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I'm really looking forward to this game and Fable Legends for the Xbox One!
Also, if you are planning on getting this one, make some space or buy an external drive, the beta is just over 50GB
Read a bit of a console review of the game on another site and they love how the game runs on consoles as well, definitely a Day 1 purchase,
I will definitely be buying this Day 1, does anyone know if the beta characters will carry over to the full game?

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