Porsche's Movie Reviews Ep. 1 - "Gravity"


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I'd like to preface this with the caveat that I really enjoy writing, watching movies, and this community, therefore, if you don't mind, I'd like to start a regular feature here on GTN - Porsche's Movie Reviews!

Episode 1 - "Gravity"
I quire often describe myself as a connoisseur of cinema, having engorged myself on more than my fair share of theatrical presentations, deliberately sampling the tastes of all cinematic options. The simple fact of abundant selection allows for a diverse adventure into a plethora of film styles, and quite often I am found at the local establishment selfishly perusing the cinematic fare. This weekend, I managed a rendezvous with the missus, and we plotted our usual snacks, drinks, and sweets and seats to enjoy "Gravity".

A lessor known fact that lies within my idiosyncracies is my fascination, and quite fathomable understanding of space and astrophysics. In another youthful life, I dreamed of a career in theoretical astrophysics, and that area, albeit hidden away, still pecks away at my subconscious. That was my primary motivation for watching "Gravity".

Having an understanding of space-related physics meant that this film was far more terrifying to me than the average consumer. The premise includes a pair of astronauts sent adrift in earth's orbit after a botched Russian satellite retirement ended up spewing debris into the path of our protagonists. Within minutes of starting, the story sets off in this manner, gripping my wife and i at the edge of our seats - excitement and suspense for her, sheer terror for me. The worst thing to happen to you in space is to lose your tether and float aimlessly into the abyss.

What follows is aesthetically uninhibited, and unlike anything I've witnessed before in my literal years of film watching. Both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney give demanding and Oscar worthy performances, so much so that it was easy to forget that they are who they are. In fact, I was so convinced by Sandra's performance, I had to remind myself it was her at the end.

The last 30 minutes of this 90-ish minute masterpiece will drag you to your core, eliminating your own desires as you hopelessly pray for a positive outcome for our heroes. The nightmare of space walking without a tether, which is a dream of many, many young fantasies, may be forever tarnished after witnessing this film, much like showers after "Psycho" or swimming at the beach after "Jaws". I left the theater speechless, impressed, and unable to decipher any more superlatives. I looked at my wife, and i saw her reaction was completely different than mine. She thoroughly enjoyed it, but not in the way my astro-freaked mind did. If you have any intentions or fascinations with space, you owe yourself this treat of a movie in a theater. Watching at home in a smaller screen will not do this film justice.

With that being said, I highly recommend "Gravity" to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, and it will be remembered for years, for it's story, its cinematic marvels, and it's emotional initiations most modern films entirely lack.

Go see this movie as soon as you can, it's a new experience in a theater we as audience members haven't experienced, and have been craving for years. You will find yourself wondering how this film was made, and then forget that it's a film entirely until the last seat-squeezing, jaw-dropping/clenching moment
Space is terrifying, and this film made its potential that much more solidifying. Again, if you have an understanding of astrophysics, you will have a totally different experience.

I didn't like, I loved it.
I've heard fantastic things about this movie. I heard it's incredible in IMAX. I haven't been to one in years, but might take the plunge for this.

Thanks for the review, I really need to see this.
Question is how well does this film work without the 3D and Imax format? Will it still hold up?
Question is how well does this film work without the 3D and Imax format? Will it still hold up?
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
My review here is based on the standard format. I have yet to see it in 3D, a format I usually try to avoid, but this merits an exception.
It seems like this movie was made for the IMAX experience. Great review, porsche!
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That's all I'm gonna say about Gravity in IMAX 3D. Hands down the best movie on 3D probably ever, and one of the best movies I have ever seen, period. I went late last night and watched in Phoenix (just because, you know?) and it was a completely different movie in IMAX and 3D. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Inspiring. I could go on. It was great in 2D, but magnificent in 3D.

Seeing it again, already knowing the story and outcome, DID NOT MATTER between formats. It was a whole new experience, and the simulation of space in 3D will BLOW YOU AWAY! I am a space nerd, I admit it. I have a plethora of books, images, videos, whatever on space and astrophysics. I love it. This movie is the first movie that has ever given a feeling of being in actual space. The subtle ways the stars and debris and everything moves, to the sweet tender moment that Bullock has - tears don't stream down your face in space... - it was spectacular.

Thank you, Futiles, for demanding I appreciate the perspective as well as the performance. I never expected a second screening to be better than the first.
So it was worth spending the extra bucks and what was the price difference?
I spent $6:50 for a matinee at my home theatre, and $9:00 for IMAX in Pheonix, but I got military discount and 'insider' price. (My sister's BF manages the IT department, so I got a break) I think it's closer to $20.
What a review!! I almost didn't want it to end, very nice I look forward to more! Heck I may even go see this now, before I wasn't even interested at all.
What a review!! I almost didn't want it to end, very nice I look forward to more! Heck I may even go see this now, before I wasn't even interested at all.
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Thank you very much, that means a lot. Big Grin

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