Porsche's Music Reviews Ep. 1 - 'Hesitation Marks"


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"Hesitation Marks" is the latest studio effort from Nine Inch Nails, the first in several years after other projects that Trent Reznor managed, like How to Destroy Angels group and winning an Oscar for 'the social network' soundtrack with Atticus Ross, as well as penning 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' soundtrack. As an avid NIN fan, listening since I first heard 'Happiness in Slavery', I was excited to see this new release to add to my huge NIN collection.

Hesitation Marks' first single 'Came Back Haunted' shows a greater evolution of the sound that NIN is so famous for, initially created with 'The Downward Spiral'. The industrial rock evolution has seen many changes, especially with technology and fan base minimization, but NIN has always remained the core leadership for what seems to be a cult following. The album features a bass heavy percussion ensemble, which has been prevalent since 'With Teeth' and especially 'The Slip', the bands last studio release, which, was released digitally at a pay-your-own-price format.

As a fan who has followed the evolution for over 20 years, it is exciting to see something like this released. The songs, which feel familiar, and are voiced by that familiar Reznor sting, are all new experiences collectively. As the album progresses, the subtle talent increases that Reznor has sustained over the years penetrate through the ears in a whole new, yet comfortable way.

I would like to say it is the best one yet, but that would be a disservice. The sound of NIN has evolved so far over the years, it really would be comparing 'Fragile' apples to 'Broken' oranges. I will admit that I have never been more impressed with an albums' feel as a whole, not since Fragile's two disc opus masterpiece, and am excited to see where the future leads for NIN.

All in all, Hesitation Marks is NIN continuing to function at it's best, releasing a haunting cascade of modern industrial rock that can be incorporated even on a top forty dance album. He's managed the best of both worlds - rock and pop, and made it dreamy and significant, all the while fooling us at it's high energy filled with often darker messages.

For a fan, it's a must buy. For the casual listener, I think you'd be surprised that the variation can exist in one album. It's definitely worth a complete listen through. Allow yourself to fully evaluate it.

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