Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Delayed Until Later in 2015


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Fox has pushed its new Hitman movie, titled Hitman: Agent 47, back by six months, delaying the film from its originally scheduled February 2015 release date.

Starring Homeland actor Rupert Friend, who stepped in to the role as Paul Walker's replacement, following the Fast & Furious actor's unexpected death, Hitman: Agent 47's story revolves around the eponymous assassin protecting a waitress hunted by shady corporation, The Syndicate.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the extra time will be devoted to completing special effect shots for the movie. Hitman: Agent 47 will now release in cinemas in August 2015. There's also a Minecraft movie in the offing, and a new Resident Evil film on the way too.


I NEED another Hitman game not Movie :-(

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