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I want the amenities of large cities, but I could do without all of the people and traffic... You both are clearly wrong and should move to Tampa Bay... (The area, not live in the body of water)
Originally Posted by Fshguy
Someday, my friend. Someday...

That is all the reason I need to never live in Florida. I have a very strong aversion to sand. I literally hate sand. I see beach pictures, and I see nothing but sand. It makes my skin crawl.
Originally Posted by futiles
Hahahaha! I knew that was coming! Lol
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Someday, my friend. Someday...
Originally Posted by SG Steelhead
Seems like you come to Florida like 4 times a year already, too bad it's a 7 hour drive from where you go to here.
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Someday, my friend. Someday...

Hahahaha! I knew that was coming! Lol
Originally Posted by SG Steelhead
I thought we had talked about my sand issues. I love the ocean. Love water. I will happily take a pier out to a ship, sail off from the coast a little bit, and enjoy myself. Lakes are great. Rivers, too.

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