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I have had a long history with the Fast and Furious franchise, considering that auto repair and customization has been a part of my life since I was 6 years old. By the time the franchise started, I had already built and a few cars and (illegaly) raced them. The underground scene was finially brought to life when the first film came out, and it revolutionized an entire culture previously unknown.

Now. all these years later, the franchise has finally culminated into a fitting, over-the-top, yet sweetly sentimental end. Since it's all over the news already, I'll open up about the Paul Walker tribute first: He was a great actor, albeit typecast often. This franchise definitely put food on his table for years now, and the unique relationship that we as consumers had with his 'buster' character was endearing. The fact that the last several minutes of the film are dedicated to his memory, in my opinion, almost minimalizes his short career too much. However, the scene is done with some high class, and very well orchestrated. I glanced around the packed theater and saw many watered eyes. For me, Paul Walker will be missed, not only as Brian 'the buster', but as a great actor. Add him to the list of potentials lost too soon.

Now, as far as the film is concerned, I had high hopes at the end of Fast 6 when Jason 'the Transporter' Statham announced his prescence by killing a character (and finally bringing Tokyo Drift into relevance). Jason Statham is one of my favorite character actors of all time, and people, for that matter. His origin story as an actor is quite inspiring - look it up. The guy is the real deal. His characters determination in Furious 7 is to avenge his little brother's crippling injuries sustained in that super-long runway scene at the end of 6.

The film starts with him hunting down the characters that he feels are responsible for his brothers injuries, starting with Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs. The fight between The Rock and Statham was almost a sick dream come true. I have always wanted to see actors face off in scenes, especially Statham against the badasses of cinema. He takes on The Rock and big boy Vin in the film (as well as just about everyone else) with style reminiscent of Transporter and Expendable fame. As the story progresses, Statham attempts to murder the Fast and Furious family.

After he kills Han (no spoiler there, okay, it's in the previews) he tries to kill Vin's character Dom, but is interupted by Snake Plisken, er, Kurt Russell and his team of super black ops, where a sub-plot is introduced, which allows for the mayhem of the rest of the film to commence. Little known fact - Kurt Russell asked my mom to the high school prom way back when. She denied him. Dang. I coulda been rich!

Anyways, the sub-plot takes over the meat of the story, allowing the crew to travel internationally in order to save the world and etc... A few new characters are introduced, including the scary-skilful Tony Jaa and Djimon Hounsou as internation criminals and mercenaries for Statham's purposes. The battles and hiests are really over the top and exciting, put Micheal Bay to a bit of shame. The Dubai scene is simply crazy, as a $3.4 million Lycan is jumped between towers. Truly absurd, but simply put - pure great action.

The film culminates in Los Angeles, where the crew can fight the enemies on thier turf, and once again, the scenes are wild and imaginitive, put entertaining on so many levels. I won't spoil anything more here, you'll just need to watch it yourself.

As far as recommendations go, the film is not stand-alone - you need to see the previous entries in order to maintain the plots in general, therefore, you probably need to be a minimal fan of the series to fully enjoy the subtle nuances this film produces. There is a fantastic scene after the AC-130 air drop where the characters are labeled perfectly, and if you hadn't seen the previous films, the joke would blaze over your head. It's great fun however, and the script plays well to the characters and actors strengths exquisitely. It's not an Oscar winning film by any means (actually, I bet visual effects might get some recognotion), so don't expect to be wowed by anything more then simply cerebral fun. Get a large popcorn, and enjoy it for what it is.

But bring a tissue if you're sentimental. For Brian.
great review bud. Love the FandF series being in the same boat as you... the love of cars! RIP Paul Walker.
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Thanks buddy. Fitting how the guys with cars in their tags would be interested...
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
and mine has Ludacris in a sense.... hahahaha
I'm the kind of guy who stops the microwave at 1 second just to feel like a bomb defuser.

Do you think you can be a badass in my leaderboard?? GTN Badass of the Month
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Ah, it does. Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges.... snap.

However, I don't remember seeing any Porsche's in the movie. Blasphemy.
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Gisel drove a white Porche in Fast & Furious and the Brian drives a blue Porche in Fast Five. I think the blue one was a RUF though.

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