Last Movie You've Seen?


Prince of Persia: Sands of Time...

also, I just realized you are a moderator for FFR... is that like a forum or an F2P game? what?
Gran Torino was the last one I saw :
^Killak(?) I believe. sorry didn't notice the error and don't feel like just editing^
I recently saw Paranormal Activity 2 and I must say it was better than the first but was not quite as scary. It had better production value and I loved how everything came together at the end Smile

The wife wanted to see it and whatever she says I do xD
I have watched The Chronicles of Narnia which is owesome for me . I would suggest others to watch it with children .
I just checked out Unstoppable the other night. Really good movie for Blu-ray. I'm still waiting to see Social Network though. Haven't found the time really. Anyone else see it? What were your thoughts?
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it's very good if you can keep up with Fincher's style of quick wit and humor, because not everyone can. i'm a fan though, and even if you don't care for the dialogue, the music is pretty good, too.
I fell asleep watch Rock of Ages last night. I may get the wife to watch it with me this weekend instead of gaming.... Ha she wished.
I just saw Meet The Millers, I thought it was going to be a chick flick but I was surprised it was actually pretty funny
Oblivion, this film really didn't do it for me. Found it fairly boring and there needs to be a bit more explaining for dummies like me.
I saw Elysium 2 times last week one time with my family and a second time with my Girlfriend.
Mr Poppers Penguins with my wife and niece on dvd. Not a bad film really. I still use VHS because my kids like watching the land before time and trapdoor which I only own on VHS for the moment and alot of my classic horror films are still on VHS too.
I think I have some epic VHS films tucked away somewhere. Might have to take a look.
Watched World War Z with the girlfriend day before yesterday. Really enjoyed it!
The Immortal Instruments with my GF.. her movie not it was ok, A bit too much like a Buffy the Vampier Slayer ish kinda movie..

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