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This is another one we recently stumbled across and binged season one online. It's a pretty darn good whodunit show. It starts with Ryan Phillippe out jogging when he stumbles across the body of a murdered 5 year old. You can guess what happens next....everyone is a suspect, especially Phillipe. Juliette Lewis is the detective assigned to the case and although I've never really cared for her, she is excellent in the role. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something interesting to watch.

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I binged watched that one night because I got completely hooked. The only problem is the show is technically about the police investigator and IF there is a second season, no more Ryan Phillippe. Apparently it's based on an Australian show and they already have multiple seasons. IMO Juliette Lewis is the weakest spot of the show and I worry if she's the lead.

Of course if it's about what we both know happens at the end, I'm in! Hell I'm in regardless for the beginning, I'll definitely give them a chance.
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The second season was announced on May 7 cause the first season did surprisingly well for ABC, they just announced that it will be a different story and cast from the first EXCEPT Juliette Lewis, she is the only returning cast member. (-_-)

I saw the Australian series when it was announced that a US remake was being made and my wife and i loved it, unfortunately there is no season 2 for it so it looks like ABC is making their own least it will be better than The Slap, the Australian version was way better.

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