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Let us not forget that Chris Evans, aka Captain America was also Johnny Storm in the last two Fantastic Four movies.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
true, but Reynolds crossed over from DC to Marvel. Actually, it was Marvel to DC and now Marvel again.
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Actually, Ahnuld was the first, having played Conan the Barbarian and Mister Freeze.
Originally Posted by Dvader83
Dvader with the score! I can't believe I forgot Conan! I knew about Chris Evans, that's why I said one of the few, but if I really think about it...we are also forgetting: Ben Affleck: Daredevil (MARVEL) and Batman (DC) and Halley Berry: Storm (MARVEL) and Catwoman (DC) though I don't consider her Catwoman any part of DC. Oh and Brandon Routh: Superman and Atom both DC just big screen and little screen.Then there is the slew of other miscellaneous universe like, Nicholas Cage was Big Daddy (ICON/MARVEL)) and Ghost Rider (MARVEL) both of them Comic Book characters but not the big two. Oh I would have to include Aron-Taylor Thomas then too and there's a bunch of others out there like Hellboy and Silver Surfer movies which are predominately known as Comic books movies but others that are not. Indestructible and Wanted come to mind.
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