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The wait is almost over. Tonight Fear The Walking Dead will premier world wide. Personally I can't wait to jump into another good series which will hopefully mean zombies all year round if this spin off series is successful.
I'm right there with you, I was a little disappointed, because I thought this was going to air in the summer to fill the gap, but hey they can always change the dates later...I hope
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I thought it was going to be on Sunday night?
Ha, I actually jumped the gun, the show air's tomorrow (Sunday 8/23). I must be to overly excited to start watching the show.

@B8tingu Well it is still summer and we are only getting 6 episodes for the 1st season which will lead right into the The Walking Dead season 6 premier. I think Maybe AMC wants to test the waters and see if a spin off would be just popular as the regular series before they commit to a large number of episodes. If I remember correctly they did order a second season, not sure on the episode count. Maybe the 2nd season will be earlier in the summer next year.
I'm looking forwrad to both series. My wife and I plan our week around being able to watch.
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
You're lucky. My wife hates zombie movies and programs. I always wind up watching them alone. Maybe that's a good thing Wink
You're lucky. My wife hates zombie movies and programs. I always wind up watching them alone. Maybe that's a good thing Wink
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I miss Dale Face.
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Unfortunately, which I should have mentioned, is that we don't pay for cable. We get it the following day, and are spoiled half the time. We rarely buy anything in the xbl video store, TWD and now FTWD are the only ones.
I missed it but plan on checking it out. I don't watch the other one because I can't stand Andrew Lincoln's drama-queen character, nor did the writing ever make me care about what happened to any of them, save for Daryl....but the cast for this one looks MUCH better so I'm hoping for the best.
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