The Walking Dead Season 6 (Discussion with SPOILERS)


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Super lame. I so wanted to tell you I told you so. I really hate mid season finales, the whole concept seems counter intuitive to me, but they could at least have left some sort of cliff hanger.

But as was pointed out, the whole first half of season 6 has covered a 1-2 day period, so I guess they couldn't really move the story forward too far at this point.
Originally Posted by Hotdogmcgee
Well, Sam is about to die, and get some people taken down with him. Who the fuck calls out to mom while snaking through the zombie horde while wearing a innards dress? Stupid kid. Even the baby knew enough to shut up right then.
Although I like Glenn and really didn't want to see him die, that sure was would have been good death. I have never seen dumpster that high off the ground ever! Oh well I guess he was being saved for Negan!!

As for Sam and the others, they have to get rid of some of this excess characters and I don't think the show can carry another couple of kids.. sad but I think Sam and his brother will die possibly his mother too.. hopefully Carl I really don't see him getting his eye shot out and surviving, I think it would be totally anti Glen and everyone will call for his demise shortly after, if that happens.

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When a new season?
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When a new season?
Originally Posted by QuiCkz Ninja
The second half of the season will start again on February 14th.
The second half of the season will start again on February 14th.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
Thanks :-)
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