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A rock feel?

I may check it out, actually....

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Lesse here. Bought a couple of albums/singles lately, which are all amazing, imo. Big Grin
  • Mint Royale - Singin' In The Raid (Single)
  • Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Vol. 1
  • Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Vol. 2
  • Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Vol. 3
  • Above & Beyond - Tri-State
  • Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (Single)
  • Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
  • Pendulum - In Silico
  • Armin Van Buuren - Shivers
  • Ferry Corsten - L.E.F
Bought most of these from iTunes, but a couple are from Amazon as well.
Ska Band Random Hand's Album "A Change of Plan" I bought last, probably because I couldn't find anywhere to download the thing...

I'm more a a song first, album next guy as long as I enjoy the song enough.
It's been a while, but the last album I bought was the RAWWAR EP by Gang Gang Dance.

I think the most recent album I downloaded was The Lemon of Pink by The Books.
I too enjoy alot of electronic/Dance style music. It's been awhile since I purchased or downloaded an album, As I usually just go for single tracks off of itunes. The last few were skrillex remixes off of the new Mortal Kombat OST + Spencer & Hill "Tresspasser" Remixes [Really like these guys].
I also used to listen to a helluva lot of Metal and thrash. But now, Im drawn more to Industrial Rock + Metal. Skinny Puppy, NIN, Celldweller etc. I really like the electro elements over your more traditional sounding metal.

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