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Who purchases albums anymore? Anyway, what was the last album you downloaded/purchased?

For me -- It was M.I.A.'s latest album "Kala". Pretty damn trippy stuff so it's a keeper.
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Lol... my friend in Uni got me ADDICTED to dance... idiot... :P

I downloaded Ministry of Sound, Ibiza album... cafe del mar...

Lame, huh... and to think I was a metalhead.... lol
Hey I was the same way. Dance/electronic/trance/techno is pretty awesome but I can't listen to it for too long while sober. I'm into almost every kind of music though. Just depends on the mood I'm in.
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Same really... Media is so wide, within all genres are gonna be something to suit anyone...

Dance is great, and for some reason, It seems that it may be the most progressive music around nowadays... Ministry of Sound is gaining popularity rapidly in the UK, which until recently was plagued by it's terrible pop culture.... It's strange... but people seem to be moving on from the variations created in the 80s, into more mainstream dance and trance... and thank GOD Rap is on the decline... never appealed to me... with the exception of Eminem. It's basically synchronised Talking in my opinion...

Sorry to say that... LOL
I got The Serpent by Still Remains the other day. only listened to a couple of tracks but souds really good.

im also downloading some viking metal haha
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The Serpent still Remains? What's that?

See... I'm downloading Benny Benassi... *cries* What's happening to me?!!

I have downloaded soooooo many albums in the last couple of days:

With Oden On Our Side by Amon Amarth (Viking/Death Metal)

Voices From Within by Distorted (Ambient Death)

Turning Season Within by Draconian (Ambient Death)

Threads of Life by Shadows Fall (Hardcore)

The Serpent by Still Remains (Nu Metal (i suppose))

Trancendental by To-Mera (Porgressive)

dont worry killak ill sort you out in june with some real music.
I still like Metal dude.... me and my roommate dance around the halls in our pajamas waking people up in the morning with German Metal...

dude.....thats a little gay Stick Out Tongue
dude.....thats a little gay Stick Out Tongue
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
I think the correct phrase would be EPIC. It's hilarious... We're like Joey and Chandler for Gods sakes.. we crack up randomly for no reason...

How is it Gay... I'm a taken man, thank you very much...
For me it was Tales of the Abyss' OST. It's absolutely yum. Hat's off to Motoi Sakuraba and the other musicians that partook in the making of it's soundtrack, it's absolutely brilliant.

Edit: lol, actually it was Crisis Core's OST. I don't think a lot of people liked it because of the lack of orchestral music, but I'm honestly surprised they didn't redo Sephiroth's theme with guitar again, seeing as most of the soundtrack was made of guitar pieces. Nonetheless, I've really enjoyed it. I don't often play games with a lot of hard rockin' music. D :
Haven't heard many tunes from Crisis Core to be honest... all I've seen are reviews, as it doesn't come out in the UK till June, mate... lol

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dont we get some edition with fancy art work?
Yes we do, but that's only with reservations mate..unless you're nice enough to go to GAME and reserve a copy for me in Ealing, I won't get it....

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its not going to sell out. plus theres amazon
Last album I bought...That was quite a while ago considering I just download all my music. XD

MCR- The Black Parade. ( I KNOW! But that's how long ago it was! XD)
well we all just download anyway ahemmininovaahem
I recently checked out Flobot's album, "Fight With Tools". I saw a commercial featuring their song "Handlebars" and maaaaan am I hooked on the album now. The album is very political and intelligent rap, but it rocks hard.
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That's good to hear, Eric... Political rap doesn't sound too appealing, as it seems an oximoron in literal terms...

But, just give a few titles, and we can d/l and judge...Have you actually heard any singles or prereleases from the album, mate?

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I just got a copy of the album in it's entirety, but a couple songs point out in particular. "Handlebars" (hard to dislike this one) and "Rise" (this song is just mad and rocks) are the best tracks in my opinion. Those two songs had somewhat of a rock feel to it too.
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