50 Shades of Black


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Will you watch this?

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× 8 (26.67%) wait for DVD/ blu-ray

× 19 (63.33%) Not Interested

× 0 (0%) YES, I'll see it in a theater.

× 3 (10.00%) I plead the 5th on how I will watch this movie.

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"i'm an Xbox man myself" NSFW

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Meh... didn't see the other one either.
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
I didn't either but I'll watch any Wayans flick once.
Not Interested
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I love this type of comedy, but its an art and for some reason the only really great comedy that I have ever personal really enjoyed was Airplane and its sequel. I find that type of comedy has to be pulled off just right or it just doesn't work and so far the Wayans have not been very funny. Don't get me wrong, there are some good scenes here and there but over all I just have not seen a great movie from them so I think ill pass and catch the highlights on YouTube later.
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I didn't either but I'll watch any Wayans flick once.
Originally Posted by Lord Kirken Morder
I'll agree to that I guess. Once is enough. Except White Chicks - once is never enough...

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