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Tera Wray Static, the widow of STATIC-X frontman and founder Wayne Static and former adult film star, was found dead late last night of an apparent suicide, a longtime associate of Wayne has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. She was 33 years old.

According to AVN, Wray, who was born Tera Lents, met Wayne during the Ozzfest tour in 2007 when she was modeling for Hustler lingerie. They were married in January 2008 and she retired from porn in August of that year.

A friend of Tera's named Rik Marin posted the following message in the comments section on BLABBERMOUTH.NET's Facebook page: "I spent all day yesterday with Tara [sic]. We had lunch hung out and talked about life without Wayne she show no indication that she was going to take her life. She did talk about fighting the depression for the past 2 years since Wayne had passed..I was shocked when I got the call at 1 am that she had passed.. Instead of hating we should all be happy that Tara had made Wayne so happy he really loved Tera. And put in a track of EVIL DISCO and remember Wayne and the woman he loved...it's really hard for us friends of Wayne n Tera to read these comments..keep Disco EVIL in remembrance of Wayne. I loved you both an will miss are good times at the Dirthouse.."

Adult entertainment attorney Michael Fattorosi tweeted: "I'm so sad today. My client & friend Tera Wray, former Pornstar and the widow of Wayne Static committed suicide yesterday. We were emailing back & forth on Tuesday. And today I got a call from her roommate letting me know what happened. Tera is once again with the love of her life, Wayne, & will be forever. May they both find peace together for all of eternity. Godspeed Tera" Michael Fattorosi added on Facebook: "She was one of the sweetest girls in the industry. It's sounds cliche but she had a lightness about her. Always happy always smiling..."

In a 2013 interview with Gotham News, Wayne revealed that his wife's presence on the road at least partly contributed to the breakup of STATIC-X's classic lineup. He said: "Well, I wanted Tera on tour with me, so she was always with me. She was with me during interviews too. We love each other. I wanna have her with me at all times. She came on stage and danced for a few songs and… I think Tony [Campos, then-STATIC-X bassist] didn't like that. I think it pissed him off. I think he thought, 'She's not in the band, she shouldn't be here.' But the reality of it was, we'd do interviews and she'd just sit there. He didn't like the fact that she was around all the time. For all I know, maybe he thought he should've hooked up with her and ended up married to her, so maybe he's jealous. I don't know. I don't fucking know. I could give a shit if we did an interview and his girlfriend was sitting next to us. The funny thing is, before we got married and she was a porn star, she rode with us on the bus for a whole year, [and] everyone loved her then. When she was a porn star, everything was awesome. Then we got married, and everything changed. I don't know why."

Last July, Tera paid tribute to her late husband with a sleeve tattoo that she showed off on Facebook.

Wayne Static died after mixing Xanax and other powerful prescription drugs with alcohol, according to the coroner's report. The 48-year-old Static, whose real name was Wayne Richard Wells, was found dead in his Landers, California home on November 1, 2014.

The report, which was released in March 2015, stated, "[Static's] wife stated that just prior to going to bed, he crushed one-half of a 30 mg oxycodone pill and consumed it. The oxycodone had been prescribed to his wife. He also drank an unknown amount of alcohol. His wife awoke at around 1530 hours. She found the decedent dead in the bed and called 911 at 1547 hours. Paramedics arrived and confirmed death at 1600 hours, noting rigor mortis and lividity."

The report added that Tera Wray told them that Static "took oxycodone, Xanax (alprazolam) and alcohol to relieve panic attacks."

She claimed that he took Xanax on a daily basis at the prescribed dosage, according to the report, and would "occasionally have his own prescription for oxycodone, but he would usually take hers."

Wray also told the coroner that she and Static "had a history of cocaine and ecstasy abuse, but they stopped using illicit drugs in 2009."

Static's mother also told the coroner that her son was a "self-admitted alcoholic" for whom drinking had been a problem for two years. Both his mother and Wray said that Static was "not suicidal."

Statements from both Wray and a publicist back in November 2014 dismissed rumors that his passing was the result of a drug overdose.

Static founded STATIC-X in 1994 and achieved commercial success with the band's 1999 debut, "Wisconsin Death Trip", which included the rock radio hit "Push It".

The group issued five more studio albums before disbanding permanently in June 2013. Static has been pursuing a solo career at the time of his death.
I was happy to see static-X at ozzfest before the tragic OD by wayne

Fan Tribute video
I love Static-X I was following them as they just started to make it big with Wisconsin Death trip, Wayne had an incredible powerful voice and I loved there subject matter.. I knew who and what they were talking about in most of their songs. I can hardly think of a Static-X song I don't like really.This is tragically sad news though, It makes me mad in away to hear when people give up, its such a waste, but I also can understand, if she truly loved him and he her that kind of love is pretty awesome. Though I really can't condone her actions I hope she found what she was looking for.. I hope we all do someday.

I thought I responded to this but I did it at work, guess it didn't take (was on my phone) I saw Static-Xat the House of Blues Otep was co-headlining with them, it was the first time I saw both bands and i had a great time. Not sure if you've ever been to a HOB but the venue is pretty small. I've seen a lot of bands there.. It's getting me mad because I just got employed so my money is pretty short and there are a ton of great bands showing up next month that I want to see again or have never seen: Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Megadeth, and Slayer, I even hear the Scorpions will be in town and while I'm not too crazy about them i would love to see them at least once. Later this year Black Sabbath will be here but tickets are going to be outrageously priced, would love to catch them before we start loosing members and they already said this is the final tour for the band in its original line up.
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Thanks for the poll
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