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I am not going to sugarcoat anything regarding this film and review. My comments and opinion are mine. I am well educated and highly aware of current events, including the one this film recounts. I am not looking for an argument, but your comments and opinions are appreciated.

There is a certain tension regarding the facts of the situation as it has been relayed from those who were in attendance versus those who desired it to stay hidden. The simple fact is, this is a recount of a situation gone terribly wrong, honoring individuals who died. Much like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and other recent films, there has been an obvious style additive to the tragedit's encompassed. As a veteran, I am biased to dislike this ticket generating venture, but can easily see past it to the truth which lies there. In this film, which incidently is announced at the beginning "IS A TRUE STORY", not based on or inspired by one, there is an obvious political fire meant to be set against the left and right. Regardless of your sway, there is a simple fact that should not be ignored: real people died in this event, much like in other productions.

As an action film, it's mediocre at best. It is so richly politicized that the core elements of a good action flick are drowned out. As a statement against socialist leaning political leadership, it's an antagonistic display of vitality, which will only serve to charge the already angry conservatives. In that rwgard, the film is rather decent. The combat in this one felt more visceral and intimate than other big budget war films. There was a clear line drawe regarding service to god and country and hate. The guard dogs that the CIA contracted with were designed to be bodyguards, not aggressive without provocation. Their rules and mission were simple: protect and serve, engage as a last resort.

However, when good people are in danger and need rescue, these GPS 6 took it upon themselves to apply force as needed to attempt protection of an asset. Good men chose to do a morally good thing, without approval. If I was in that situation, I would do the same. I prefer going into harms way in order to protect the weak and innocent. The 6 lived a warriors life, and they lived by that code.

We all know their attempts failed, an ambassador died as Libyans assaulted the compound. They rescued what they could, and returned to their home, where many CIA agents and operatives and state department workers and aides worked to try and provide peaceful resolution to an imending civil war. There, they were attacked relentlessly by a hateful populous, intent on destroying the work. In all reality, Libya is now an ISIS ran county, where many good, god fearing people have been slaughtered by the implementation of Sharia Law. But I digress. It's great to remain ignorant, huh?

The film follows the men and women who were tasked to the base and their struggles to get evacuated from an escalating violent city. Lack of support and funding left them exposed and engaged to anot extremely hostile threat, and luckily only a few were killed and injured in the process.

I recommend this movie, not because it's good, but because there is an educational element to it. We, as Americans, are so sheltered by the media that we miss out on situations such as this on an near daily basis. The world is ant war, constantly. Tens of thousands of people die daily in horrific, barbaric ways. And we turn a blind eye to it. Stop being swayed by the liberal and conservative media forces - they are now designed to incite hate towards the opposition. The truth is, we're already on the downward spiral, and it's getting harder to climb out. Stop the ignorance. Watch this film and witness the brutality that is the rest of the world. The acting was superb, and my favorite aspect was watching Pornstache in a new element - he, and the others, encompassed the modern American soldier near perfect. The manerisms, lexicon, and attitudes caused me to reminisce about my day a past.

I apologize for the dark undertone presented. As a veteran, I am overwhelmed at the current disrepair of our society. We are falling. Failing. Systematically. And no can stop this snowball. At this point, it doesn't matter who becomes the next president. The pettiness has overcome the real issues: we are really no longer safe in our own country anymore. Our military has been castrated. Our borders have been weakened. We are so damn self obsessed that we fail to see the threat as it is. Open your eyes, friends.

Thank you for reading this, even if you completely disagree with my mindset.
I really need to see this film soon, and porschephiliac thank you for your service.

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