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Usually, the only reality TV show I watch is So You Think You Can Dance...but I must admit, I am absolutely captivated by American Idol this season.

Many of the contestants this year are extremely talented, and it has made for an excellent competition...but here is where I confess my love for David Cook. Not only is he a fantastic performer, but he makes me melllllllllllllllllllllllllllt. God he's hot.

Enough of my fan-girl obsession with him. I can really appreciate any artist who can make an already popular song their own and absolutely kick the original artist's ass with it. I'm talking specifically when he sang Always Be My Baby on Mariah Carey week. How does a rocker do Mariah Carey?! I dunno...he blew my effing mind!

Has any one else been watching? Who are you pulling for to win?
Heh, don't really get anything good except Tele cinq in Switzerland, Kirstin... But I hear american idol is good... Does Simon Cowell still know how to make the contestants cower in fear? After all, him and Gordon Ramsay are bes mates, after all...

Give me the lowdown on the finalist people thingies... it'll be interesting to know about these people...

and it's been a while since I've seen YOU melt. This guy must be pretty damn good...

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I only ever watched these shows to see how far chavs are willing to go for fame.

i must admit though whn Ant and Dec went on there in disguise it was funny. took simon ages to realise and when he did.....he actually smiled....first sign of the apocalypse????
England is my city

LOL... Link us a clip....

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