Academy Awards 2016 - Best Supporting Actor


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Whho's the Best Supporting Actor?

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× 10 (30.30%) Christian Bale - The Big Short

× 7 (21.21%) Tom Hardy - The Revenant

× 4 (12.12%) Mark Ruffalo - Spotlight

× 1 (3.03%) Mark Rylance - Bridge of Spies

× 11 (33.33%) Sylvester Stalone - Creed

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  • 33 votes
This year, my favorite is Tom Hardy for his assholeness role in The Revenant, but previous winner Christian Bale's job in The Big SHort was pretty damn good too. Both of these guys are amazing actors and deserve it. The others do as well, but their performances are shadowed by these two greats, in my opinion.

What do you think?
I picked the white guy
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
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