Saturday Night Live vs MadTV


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Saturday Night Live or MadTV?

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× 19 (65.52%) Saturday Night Live

× 10 (34.48%) MadTV

  • Added 01-10-2009 01:46 PM
  • 29 votes
Who wins your coach time on Saturday night?

I am one of those old fogies who prefer SNL over MadTV. After watching MadTV I just get the sense they're trying too hard. I almost feel like watching it just for sympathy. Their actors aren't too shabby but the writers come off like some lame middle schoolers trying to pass off a fart joke as the most hilarious thing ever. I get it guys, it's supposed to be funny. Good thing the laugh track was added, I almost don't know how I'm supposed to react.

Anywho, while SNL had some amazing talent in the past, their newer acts are just as promising. Andy Samburg and Kristin Wiig come to mind, you agree?
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in both cases, i always like the bits that don't involve recurring characters. fake commercials or spoofs are some of the funniest segments on both shows.
Did anyone catch the SNL last Saturday Night? Neil Patrick Harris hosted it and it was one of the best episodes in awhile. The Doogie Howser digital short was simply classic.
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