Multiverse Music Head to Head: Who Did it Better #3


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Who's version is better?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 24 (77.42%) Queen - The original will always reign supreme!

× 3 (9.68%) "Weird Al" Yankovic - Becuase it's Polka, man!

× 0 (0%) The Braids - Love that style

× 0 (0%) I like 'em all about the same

× 2 (6.45%) I don't like any of them

× 2 (6.45%) What the (Expletive Deleted) is wrong with you, man?!

  • Added 05-27-2016 08:38 PM
  • 31 votes
With nearly 50% of the votes, Marilyn Manson's take seems to be the most popular version of Tainted Love; I certainly think his version seemed to fix the song's context better.

Now onto our current selection: Bohemian Rhapsody. Man, I knew the of three versions that I wanted to use (and they are certainly different styles of music), but I was amazed at how many covers there really were of this song! Click the link to see the list and maybe look up a few others while you're at it:
Even the freakin' Muppets have a cover!

But onto the main event:

Queen - 1975

"Weird Al" Yankovic - 1993

The Braids - 1998

OK everybody; who's version is best?

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Really? I really, really, really like for realsees, wanted desperately to kill myself after the third version... I almost voted: What the (Expletive Deleted) is wrong with you, man?! but I quickly went back and re- played the original and I was myself once more... you know I can NEVER unheard that version ever again..THANK YOU SIR! I'm going to have nightmares for weeks now.. You know this why NO ONE EVER REMEMBERS the Braids....really? I mean Reaaaaalllllllyyyy who the F are the Braids??!!?? Anyway I love Weird Al, but not that much... I mean 50% of his songs are great... and then there are those other 50%... This version belongs to that other 50%, I mean honestly, I liked it for about 30 seconds... and then I didn't like it and then I started to really want to pull my eardrums out of my ears with pliers....( the small type) I'm relatively open to new styles of music and new versions of old songs, but sometime you hit the right buttons and trust me you really did this time.. ugh.. I have to go listen to some Slayer now..

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I'll admit that the Weird Al version amuses me a bit, but only because I like Weird Al. I rather like the version by the Braids, just because it seems to me to be a merging of genres, which I usually like. But, in this case, I agree that the original is the best. I was so close to using the Wayne's World video instead of the official one for Queen, Big Grin

I also considered making the poll so that you could make more than one choice; I expected to get a lot of the last option if I did that. But, I wasn't sure about being able to select more than one version of a song (obviously, that wouldn't be much of an issue here, but maybe the next Head to Head?)...

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"There is no truth. Just differing opinions." - Simon R. Green Deathstalker Destiny
"People are stupid. " - Terry Goodkind Wizard's First Rule (Full quote)
I was going to add the Waynes World version but opted against it lol

No, one choice for a favorite gives the clearest answer of our communityouth style and belief. I am loving this thread idea, keep it up!
Definitely the original version. Not one version stands up to the one by Queen. I like Weird All but this is one of his lesser spoofs.

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