Multiverse Music Head to Head: Who Did it Better #4


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Who Did It Better?

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× 14 (43.75%) Simon and Garfunkel (1964)

× 0 (0%) MHE (2015)

× 9 (28.13%) Disturbed (2015)

× 5 (15.63%) I like them all about the same

× 4 (12.50%) I dislike them all

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  • 32 votes
The last poll made it clear that Queen is the Champion (ok and that will be my only bad joke this thread, I promise) taking 20 of the 26 votes! While I have a few ideas for songs to use, I've been itching to use this next one; in part because I really like one of the versions that I'm going to post and because that band is actually going to be doing a concert I'm going to in a couple of months.

I imagine that it will come as little to no surprise to many of you to learn that Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" has been covered by a lot of bands. I hadn't heard any of them until Disturbed did their recent cover. When looking for the YouTube videos, I stumbled upon a.. techno?... version and a decent sized list of others ( ).

So onto the musical death battle!

Simon and Garfunkel (1964)

MHE (2015)

Disturbed (2015)

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Shockingly, I knew EXACTLY how the Disturbed version without even hitting play. Very predictable.

The MHE version actually understood what makes that song so good, and while making it their own, they still left in the two-part harmony, which is the basic essence of the song.

Disturbed version was pretty lame and melodramatic.

Oh, and poll should be set to allow multiple selections...
I actually liked them all, but I have to go with the original, followed by Disturbed and then MHE. The fact that all were good really speaks to the quality of the original. While I enjoyed what MHE did with it, I can't stand the ridiculous hipster look of the guy in the video, and I have little respect for "artists" that take a well known and established song like this, make some computer music, change the tempo and call it their "work".
The original, bigtime. The Disturbed version wasn't horrible but I wouldn't add it to my collection and the MHE version..set to that weird tempo...was absolute butchery of a classic. I wanted to go all Van Gogh on myself after listening to that.
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Considering I grew up listening to the original and that it's just such a hauntingly beautiful song to begin with I will always have to go with that. Disturbeds' version of the song kind of grows on you,but honestly the first time I herd it I hated it. So I'm not going to pass judgment on MHE version just yet until I actually really get to listen to it a few more times. I will have to agree with napoearth on his sentiments on how others try to take credit for something that's not their own. Of course I haven't heard of MHE (in particular) doing just that publicly either..
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