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So I just got around to getting myself a iTunes account (no more illegal music downloading for me!) and I'm going to get around to buying myself some music that I don't allready own in CD form.

But I also want to know what you all think would be ideal music for me and everyone on the site to conisder purchasing (or downloading if you're a cheep bastard), suggest whatever you want, regardless of genre (I'll listen to just about anything).
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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Man, I wish I wasn't at work at the moment because I've been picking up some good albums these last few weeks. Funny thing is, I can't remember them unless I have my iTunes up. For now, I'd recommend Fleet Foxes new album. My girlfriend and I have concluded that their sound is a mixture of Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie and City & Colour. Not sure if you're into that mellow style of music but that's all I could come up with until I pull up my iTunes.
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I've not got the money for any albums just now.
I'll listen to some of their stuff over youtube or whatnot, and decide later.

I just bought some Steely Dan and a bit of Steve Miller's Band. Both awesome bands in my opinion.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
I still listen to stuff by Akira Yamoaka and Nobuo Uematsu. Old school kicks ass.

And I'm sure their new stuff will be just as good.

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