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While waiting for the storm of storms to hit Dallas last night, I switched to Comedy Central to watch some Demetri Martin standup with my girlfriend. I first caught onto Demetri Martin a little over a year ago and if you haven't seen his standup, you're truly missing out. He's actually got a new show on Comedy Central that premieres tonight at 10:30 ET, 9:30 CT. It'll be interesting to see how the show does. This new show actually made me think, what are your favorite comedians? Who makes you laugh in movies, tv shows, etc..?

My favorites include: Demetri Martin, Andy Samberg, Jim Gaffigan and Lisa Lampanelli. I know I have others but I'll include them later. How about you guys and gals?
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I'd say, Russel Peters, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle for stand up.

Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson for telly.

I'll think of more.

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Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr and those new zealand guys...flight of the concordes or something like that, only seen them once.
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You mean those dudes that sang That Racist Dragon song?

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yeah its those guys
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They're pretty badass. I also am a fan of people like Hugh Dennis. Basically, British comedians are badass.

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Lee Evans for the win!
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Brian Regan & Bill Burr are both very funny.
Brian Regan & Bill Burr are both very funny.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
Just saw Brian Regan a few weeks (months?) back when he came through AZ - freaking hilarious show!
hands done George Carlan and Richard Prier
Was a big fan of Mitch Hedberg (R.I.P.) and am still kicking myself for not going to see him only a few months before he passed. Brian Regan is hilarious and I've seen him a couple times. Another favorite of mine is Stephen Lynch. He's actually a singing comedian, but his songs are pretty damn good.
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Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Hahahaha nice. Really like the newer stuff. Saw him a few months back and we were rolling.
I listen to Bob & Tom show daily, and they feature that song, and many other songs from his collection - he's hilarious! I have the music pass, and I downloaded the newer album with "Queer Tattoo" on it, and enjoy it twice, consecutively on a long road trip. Good stuff.
gabriel the fluffy eglasious n u cant forget richard pryor that dude i be laughing so hard my gut would split oh n kat williams bernie mac n cedric the entertainer
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Stephen Wright or Eddy Izzard, both gut wrenchingly funny, Stephen is dead pan and serious with out being serious at all... And Eddy is from the UK a transvestite listen to dressed to kill for his absolute best work!
Brian Regan & Bill Burr are both very funny.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
I agree with you Marvz!

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