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I don't know how far along it is (in US) but the first two episodes are well done. The first one with the Jonas Brothers and the second one The Coon which is quite a funny spin on Batman Begins/Dark Knight. What do you guys think? In my view it's a good start and hopefully they keep it up, it took them a while to get the humour into last season.
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You got a link?

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South Park

every episode right there.
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Excellent. Thanks a lot, mate.

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I thought they were both very funny, though I must admit the Jonas Brothers/Disney one was one of the best South Park episodes I've seen in awhile. Mickey Mouse (without spoiling) was great. Big Grin
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I prefer the second one as it poked fun at batman. like when cartman disappears and it turns out he just moved to the other side of the room. dont know why but that made me crack up. also his poke at obama was well placed.
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