Rate your Favorite Hollywood Actor ?


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Guys .........Everyone will have their favorite actor due to one's choice .I like Tom Cruise who is the most versatile and attractive actor of the Hollywood . I would rate him 9 out of 10 .
does this have to be really famous ones? I have a friend who isn't very famous at the moment, but he is in the Soul Surfer movie... and I know two people who were in Bad News Bears
I love Tim Burton movies, And Johnny Depp is usually in them. One of my very favorite movies is Edward Scissorhands.
My favorite Hollywood actor is Tom Cruise and I'll rate him 8/10 because he have done so many great movies.
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Mine has got to be Billy Bob Thornton, Hes such a wicked actor and play all types of roles well, hes so funny also, bad santa is so funny lol, im rating him an easy 10/10

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