PC/360 Demo is up (FEAR 2)

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

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Like the title says the demo is now live. I have had to relocate my 360 for a few days but the PC demo can be downloaded from File Planet. There are waiting times for non suscribers but you still get the demo.

Have fun!
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At first I wasnt looking forward to it that much but the demo has changed my mind, the action bits are fast paced and the horror parts are even more tense than condemned.
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That's high praise from you. Now, do you think they can keep up that level of horror, or will it just end up being action focused?

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hoefully than can do both like the first game. its not a mind blowing experience, just good old fashioned fun.
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it's definitely improved from what i remember, but for whatever reason i just can't get into the atmosphere as much as other games of this genre.
I haven't played the demo myself, so give me a synopsis... Why do you think it's s hard to get into compared to others of the genre?

Maybe it's too old and tired out.

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For those of you wanting the Xbox 360 demo, here's a direct link to add it to your active downloads. Just thought I'd share it in case anyone is forgetful (like me) and doesn't remember to add things to their download queue when the 360 is on.
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ive decided that ill get the game as its especially fun on hard mode.
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That's what I like to hear. Hard Mode in Horror Games makes the adrenaline pump faster. It doubles the experience.

Have you tried siren on hard mode yet, billy?

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