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Yosh, People.

I've been hearing mixed reviews about FEAR 2 over the last few months. Fair enough, we heard little of nothin about it, and then it was announced it was gonna be released out of no where. I remember just in January asking our seemingly omnipresent Gaming editor Simon about any news regarding it, and he shook his head and seemed awfully pissed.

Such a hasty progress, it seems.

However, in light of it;s release, the comments have been similar:

"It's all good, but it seems like more of the same, so why bother"

Hmm. Makes me curious, since I haven't played the game.

Anyone with thoughts to present, please bring em up here.

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When I played the demo at PAX it wasn't too bad. I'm just not convinced I want to give it the time right now. There are several other games that are arriving over the next month that I'll focus on. Not many of my friends have picked it up which doesn't give it the MP play that I thought it might.
Itll be a game to pick up but not on day 1. its a decent game but i prefer the first one, just a better sense of atmosphere. FEAR2 has that but just not on the same level. Its like how Condemned 1 had a better sense of mystery to it than C" which tried to explain it all a bit too much. itll be a game to get with a price drop.
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I can see why you'd say that. I always though of FEAR being 40%horror, 60% action, while condemned being 60% horror, 40% action.

So, in a way, comparable in terms of being more pure in their respective genres.

So... FEAR 2 is a dud, eh... A shame. I looked upon the project with SUCH interest, and to now hear it's worth a bargain bin buy... A bit lame.

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didnt say it was that bad. its just not worth skipping uni/trampling over buggies with babies in them material. My next buy will be Killzone and it had better be worth it. The demo was fun but its getting a it dry. hopefully its just the demo thats boring me and the full game will change my mind.
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I hope so too. The first game followed the same formula... was kind of fun, but wasn't worth completing. The whole fun was the battlegrounds. If it had come next gen first, it may have been a Battlefield beater, in my opinion.

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every fps game beats battlefield as its made by EA.
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But... I meant that kind of Game. Like CS and Battlefield.

Killzone may have had more potential as one of those. A two teamed deathmatch game with huge futuristic battlefields.

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In terms of MP its hard to beat PC games as the fan bases/mod bases are so big. the only thing i like about console Mp is that its easier to find games with PC you have to scroll through loads of servers and it can be a drag.
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