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F1 2014

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F1 2014 has finally been announced for release on Xbox 360 later this year.

The publisher/developer has confirmed that F1 2014 will replicate all aspects of the current Formula One season, including all teams, drivers, and circuits on the race calendar. The game will also embrace the plethora of engineering changes that have been implemented in the current season, such as new power units and energy recovery technology. F1 2014 will continue to encourage players of all abilities by utilising a new in-game system that "identifies player ability and tunes game settings to an appropriate level, whilst re-graded difficulty settings enable players to compete at incrementally higher levels as they become more experienced".

The fundamental changes within Formula One this season have had a huge impact on the development of F1 2014, and this has been highlighted by Stephen Hood, Creative Director for the F1 series at Codemasters:

This is the year it all changes – for the sport and for the game... There’s been a dramatic shift in the sport; the largest shake up in the rules and regulations for a very long time and the new power units provide a very different kind of challenge, for both driver and team. By delivering all of these changes, F1 2014 will make for an exciting and refreshingly different experience. Additionally, with the new driver evaluation system analysing each player’s skill level and suggesting appropriate game settings, plus re-graded difficulty levels including a brand new Very Easy setting, we aim to deliver a thoroughly rewarding F1 experience for players of all abilities, from the novice to the seasoned pro.

Source: http://www.trueachievements.com/n177...odemasters.htm

Between Driveclub, the Crew, Project cars, Forza Horizon 2 and F1 2014, lovers of motor racing this fall will not be without some choice.
I still need to crack F1 2011, 2012 ans 2013 out of their shrink wrap...
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