Fable 2's on it's way, but I think people should follow my lead.

Fable II

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"Fable 2" is just about round the corner, I've been anticipating the release for a very long time, as "Fable" was by far one of the fondest memories that I've had through gaming.

And to celebrate how close Fable 2 is, I think everyone who can should replay or play Fable (that's considering there are people here who haven't yet played Fable).

Even if you don't own the game it's only [MSPOINTS]1200[/MSPOINTS] on the XBLM.

We should keep this discussion open for I'm going to try and write up parts of my game in Epic Fantasy style, which should attempt to show off my Creative Writing skills.

Stay posted then, this ain't-a gonna be pretty!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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it's funny, i never even bothered to finish the first one, which is unusual for me. i never felt compelled to complete the story despite doing most of the sidequests, and i also hated how everyone would end up as the same overpowered character since there was no limit on stats.
360 is the winner for me this winter with gears and fable. the ps3 games can come later. Fable was quite short but hopefully its been changed in this one. it was great fun though running around drunk in your underwear then getting the whole village drunk and entering a fist fighting contest and winning loads of cash to repeat the process. great days.
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Well I was meant to start playing Fable for my story type stuff today...

But Learn to Fly FC happened, so I've been playing Rock Band all day to see if I can FC anything harder...

But anyway, I'm going to start on the weekend methinks, I'm not up for a week full of work and story writing.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer

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