Fable II disc won't feature Online Co-op

Fable II

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Unfortunate that news like this has come out mere weeks before release, but Microsoft have stated on the Gamerscore Blog that the Fable II disc will not contain the online co-op mode that has fast become the reason to buy this anticipated game. Instead, Microsoft plans to get the game updated with this feature ASAP, the target being a week or so after release.

After going gold just days ago, the news is sure to disappoint people who were swayed to preorder because of this excellent feature. Either way, the game is coming out, and chances are, most will be happy to have the game in their possession, Online or no Online. Fable II is nearly here, fingers crossed it lives up to the hype.

at least it's coming without much issue. i'm sure they're busy preparing for the major fall update, so things like this may have been tougher to work out.
i'd still just get the game anyway. ive been waiting too long. shame about co op but at least its coming.
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