Anyone stoked for Fallout 3?

Fallout 3

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After hearing the game was announced for the 360 awhile back, I wasn't quite sure how this game would turn out. Luckily the coverage on this game in this year's E3 has made up my mind. WANT

Check out the video here (try and watch all parts of the demo) Oh and did I say that I hate FPS games? Well forget what I said, this game definitely rocks.
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been looking forward to it for a while now. looks as good as i expected too.
All ive really seen was the first trailer from ages ago and that was enough for me. This is made by the Oblivion team isnt it? Or was that something else...?
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Yup, Fallout 3 is made by the same guys behind Oblivion. Expect an amazing amount of detail in the game. Smile
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Borderlands looks like another good game. i think its the people behind Prey who are making it. I know its on PS3 and i assume 360.


did anyone see the new Wolfenstein trailer? looks good to me and I'm not really a fan of world war games but i like Wolf as it always makes it alternate like cyborg nazis and stuff (i only played the original), it doesnt take it too seriously like other WW2 shooters. Its more like just a backdrop than the devs just milking the genre and trying to come up with a brooding story that gets lost in a storm of gunfire.
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I'd love to give Fallout 3 a whirl myself... first I have to get a PS3 and a 360! Soon... only eleven days till the end of the month... mwahahaha! Then I get 1100 pounds! SO I can try out those Games I've always wanted to play!

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Actually you first need HD and wireless.
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Which I'll be able to afford on a 1 grand a month budget, thanks.

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