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Im getting ready to play some FONV, And so I have been going through the CE Game guide. Something I find interesting is the Charisma skill this time around. When I played FO3, My charisma was really weak. I ended up paying full price for everything, And didn't have much luck with speech challenges. That is until about level 23 or so, When most of my skills were maxed out, I started beefing up my charisma, Solely for acheivement purposes. (Speech challenges etc.) So in my attempts to strengthen other skills, Charisma was the weakest and was sacraficed for this purpose, In true FO style.

Now with FONV, Charisma plays a much more important role. This time, The stronger your charisma attribute is, The more damage your followers do, AND the higher damage resistance their armour or clothing has. With each level you advance, Your follower(s) "Nerve" As its put, Is increased by +5. I think this is fantastic, And adds more complexity to the game. Charisma is now a real player when it comes to character development, In my opinion.

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