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was think Achievement hounds is doing it why not here to completion badges like EX: and AH badge they give is for getting retail 1000G in Bioshock 1,2 and infinite or badges for finishing so many games from specific developers.
Hmmm.. that's a cool idea. I haven't heard of Achievement Hounds, but I'll definitely check them out given your suggestion. Let me see if we can do something like this here. Thanks for the suggestion!
Badges for completing all games in a series would work to I think. I'd say that would be limited to games with at least 3 games in a series though.
So if a new game in the series comes out would you lose the badge until you play that game?
No like on Ah for there call of duty badge the badge is for getting retail 1000 in 4 COD games but there are already more then 4 Cod game. so all you would have to do is get retail 1000g In 4 of the many COD games available
You could also do 1000G atleast 3 Halo games, there's got to be about 7 out there now.

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