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An option to filter (exclude dlc) or (include owned dlc only), for the Completed Games within each players Games section.
I should be able to do that. I'll add this to my list. Thanks for the suggestion!
also could add badges for say completing a series of games like all gears of war borderlands n assasins creed that would be kool or a badge for ppl that have seriously 1.0 2.0 n 3.0
Only downside is that we can't really know when a series is complete. I assumed Gears was done before Judgment came out, for example.
I do like that option on TA to exclude DLC I don't own and would be a nice addition to GTN.
Yer, I got the idea from TA. I also like the idea of badges for doing a series, such as seriously 1,2,3.
Everyone is set to only count owned DLC as of last week's update. I am working on a way to make this configurable from your Settings page.
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