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Can we add a feature for when new users sign up and verify there account they are directed to make a post in the Introductions forums so we can have the opportunity to welcome them to the site?

several people may just be slipping in that we/I do not notice.
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That would be quite cool to have.
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Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

I imagine a few might not like that, but I support it.
thats a good idea cause ive seen alot of guest on here lately
ive been referring alot of ppl lately but my badge is broken i think cause its been stuck at 1 for over a week now
wow, nice job. i have sent 8 over so far in last 3 days. this is a great site!
im curious to see the new badges coming out this week almost like a new game u been waiting on
Oh I know! I wonder if any of my suggestions will make it lol
yah same here ive suggested a good number of the badges u have like the forum thread 1 n the 1 for suggesting a badge also had a few of my game badges added as well
I am well aware of your contributions, and I thank you for enabling an addiction. Jerk lol

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