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A feature I would like to see are auto-enrollment for specific collections, by rule set.

For example, I'd like to track my completed Windows Phone games. This way I have the number of completed games (listed in the collection), and an easily accessible list of the games, and completion dates, without having to set filters and sorting options.

I'd like to be able to apply a rule of "If Windows Phone game is completed, add to 'Windows Phone Completion' collection"

Or even something like:
"If (({completion percentage} < 20%) && ({Last Played} > {one year}))
then add to 'Abandonware' collection"
or the like. Let me know if you have any questions.
Wow that's some fancy talk. I like this idea. Having to go through each game to adjust to to my collections is starting to get tedious lol
Yeah, the I'm not sure the feasibility of some of the more complex rules I was thinking about, but a simple, "if completed in this platform, add to this collection" I don't think would be too difficult. Then again, I'm not in the kitchen, so I have no idea what it would take for them. Just my suggestion.
I thought of it when adding all of my completed Windows Phone games to a collection. Turns out my personal count was under by 2, so manually adding them upped my completed number.
I do like this idea and I'm no expert on coding (can't do it to save my life) but wouldn't this be difficult to do as everyone has different collections with different types of games in them and what is in one persons collection could be in a completely different collection for a completely different reason for someone else.
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Ah, what a great idea. This would require a bit of work, but definitely not impossible. I will look into adding such a feature with the next major release due next month. Thanks for the suggestion.

For testing purposes, could you provide some other examples for how you would like this to work?
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I plan on replying to this with some more ideas, I apologize for the late response (and even later real response). I am on the very last day of my very last two classes for my bachelors degree, so I have been swamped with work. I will post some more examples next week.

Love everything you have been doing with the site so far.
Finally getting around to post my idea here in a bit more detail;

So my idea would be to create a collection with manual entry or with auto entry (with the option to manually add/remove titles from the auto entries).

An auto entry collection would present a filter like option to allow you to tailor what you would like added to that collection, layering rules, so each line filled out prompts another line to show for a potential other rule so it could look line up like this:

<Platform Drop down selection> <Genre drop down selection> games with <Operators drop down (<, >,=)> <Percentage drop down> achievements <Locked/Unlocked selection> played <Operators drop down> <number entry box> <Day/Month/Year selection>

The trickiest part I see would be the time played, I think? And I don't know how the list would retroactively scan and add items to the list, such as once a week, or every time your profile is scanned?

Let me know if this is more confusing than helpful.

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