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Guys "Seriously" such a great site.. the logo is just plain and boring, totoaly undistinguished, sorry if this hursh.. i am just super excited about GTN would like to see it with a catchy "memorable" logo ..
I like it....This site has come a long way since I joined in 2010.
I will speak to Eric and maybe I can hold a competition for a new logo in a month or two. Keep your eyes peeled for more info
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

Thanks for the kind words. I'll look into reworking the logo in the upcoming months. I appreciate the feedback. Any ideas?
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Probably be nice to work GTN into the logo, much like 360voice uses the dialog bubble with 3v, TrueAchievement has the ta logo. Something that readily identifies the site, but also fits well as a 16x16 favicon.
You know your stuff. I always used the flag logo/icon to emphasize the "Nation" within the name, "Gamertag Nation". Let me put my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with some other distinctive logos for you to pick from.
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