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Not sure if this thread has been started or if this subject has been brought up.

I was wondering about a way to customize your profile to show what you want on your profile, I personally like to display my wish list maybe have the option to change where they are put on your page? I would like to see my Trophy box somewhere else and I really don't care for what genres or how many achievements I have unlocked during the last year/month

Or games I need help with box? or a Now playing Banner, meaning I can add a game to the banner to show what game or games I am currently working on, you could even limit the games in the banner to 1-5 sort of a mini boost request list, but something right at the top of your profile which immediately shows what games your more interested in working on or need help with.

Maybe a way to change the color scheme too? But that's really not so important to me.
I like this idea. I will bring this up to Eric and see what he thinks as well.
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Great idea. Let me add this to my todo list. I could extend this feature with privacy controls so you have control over what others see on your profile. Similar to the privacy settings on your Facebook profile.

Thanks for the great suggestion!
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Awesome idea. Would really like to see that
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