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I was looking through the Leaderboards and went to set one up for Gamerscore earned in Windows 8 only...but there was no option.

Is there any way we could have fully customizable leaderboards? Like setting a leaderboard for weekly GS gain in WP games or Windows 8 games?

If this is already available and I completely missed it I apologize lol
Eric is already working on something like this ready for the xbox 1 competition so that it tracks only achievements earned on that console. If it works then we can set it up to cover all of them
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Dude, I love this. Since I am non-stat on TA, I'd like to see where I stand on WP games Wink lol
Chunkeh just knows he's #1 worldwide and wants a leaderboard to prove it!

So If I am reading your thread correctly are you asking for a filter when creating a leaderboard by Platform is that correct?
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That's spot on. So as an example. Like Kaens said I'm into my Windows 8 games. So I'd like to see the Leaderboard for Windows 8 only.

If this could be expanded on it would be great, so, filter for achievements won, gamer score, completion percentage all within a particular platform.

To expand on this further and to open the possibilities for platform specific competitions, if a leaderboard could be set up to show Gamerscore increase for the week/month/year that would be incredible!
also could add a filter for separate states n countries u live in

So If I am reading your thread correctly are you asking for a filter when creating a leaderboard by Platform is that correct?
Originally Posted by Dark Lord White
This is exactly what is needed. We can already do games played by platform, we should be able to do gamerscore by platform. I was looking for Xbox One leaderboard, but can't find one.
also could add a filter for separate states n countries u live in
Originally Posted by chunky meconium
Wouldn't mind knowing if there are any other floridians on here
I know there seems to be a mindset around here that GTN can't do this because it's like 360voice or that because it's like TA or if we did what state it's copying XboxAmerica, whatever, but I'm going to offer up some free advice here. Remember, you get what you pay for so, it's free advice. You don't like it, tough, no refunds.

My background - I work in tech industry at a major company and am heavily involved in the launching of many apps, clients, and web based properties. I am NOT a product guy, I'm a Technical Manager, but I have spent many hours with product and design talking at length over fun exciting topics like "circles vs squares" or "button colors mapping to buttons". No lie, yesterday it was "I'm not saying drop it by 40%, but that negative space should probably be decreased by 15 pixels or so". Yes, that's a quote. I do learn some things in these exchanges about design and product though.

A few weeks ago when we were 'discussing' navigation through the app, and our General Manager (boss over all of the products I worked on) said something that stuck with me. "Guys, we don't want to reinvent the wheel for all of the basic functionality. These are things people have come to expect and we have to give the members an experience they are used to. We do not want to reeducate them on how to do the most basic thing, we need to do those things in a way that is instantly familiar. Where we will do our magic is with our differentiators."

For me, and I speak only for me, this is something Eric needs to think about. What is his goal with this site? If he genuinely wants to have this go somewhere, then he's going to need to bulk up all the 'basics' and bring it in line with features that people have come to expect irregardless of what site the idea was originally implemented. As a 'premium member' an active member since the day I first visited, I am repeating my frustration at this site not meeting my needs.

In the last product I launched, rave reviews all around, one glaring problem was we didn't have everything... forget everything, we didn't have BASIC things people expect. Getting eyeballs on your site is hard, but retaining them is just as hard. When I have to leave GTN because I want to see how I'm doing against my friends on the Xbox One, I DON'T come back. I'm now off navigating another site and looking through their features and comments. Right NOW I come back here everyday, hell multiple times a day, because there is something I like about it. But if you ever want GTN to be more than a revolving door of a few hundred people a year registering and never coming back, you need to fix these deficiencies. The loyal members are telling you want they want.
Nicely said Kaens. Too the point and no to subtle but not rude either. I have to agree with you on most of your points.. especially about us not "copying TA, and the such. I have found those site to share common basics, TA seems to have tapped in to the market and is going strong, by means of well a TA.. but I think it's the boosting community that rely drives that site, For 360v it's obviously the challenges. Let's look at this objectively, what do they all share in common, what not "copy right" and what can we do to work this to our favor.

Badges are our big thing that draws people here, now we have leaderboards, game pages, forums and tracking.. Eric mentioned putting in boosting schedules/sessions doesn't mean we have to wait for them to start either. I know those are easy to get into and with the way they are set up but I'm guessing that also takes a bit of time to program.. TA also is not representative of every XBOX user, there is online site that I know that has the power and gusto to do that...XBOX.COM, but they are not catering to everyone either.

Functionally I think the problem is we are not truly big enough, Eric is the owner and to my knowledge sole programer.. What he does here is on his time and as a labor of love, I understand the frustrations of the community, especially since we seem to be growing.. but unless he can find some trusted individuals whom are also programers and that know the direction and vision of GTN then we just have to wait. I know it's like waiting for a new product or game.. and then having it pushed back.. with MS you get it pretty fast.. with the lesser developers we get pushed back. I low this hurts us as we begin to grow and only Eric can fix this.

What Eric has done here is nothing short of phenomenal I think we can give him the time he needs to sort whatever issues that need to be sorted.
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What Eric has done here is nothing short of phenomenal I think we can give him the time he needs to sort whatever issues that need to be sorted.
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
10000% agree with this. The guy is busting his butt trying to keep up with all our idiosyncracies and is managing it better than expected. This community is growing and evolving faster than his, or anyone's, ability to keep up - I for one am grateful and respectful as much as I can be, and have offered help and services I can provide, if only to ease the pressure on Eric's and the staff's shoulders.

Bravo, folks. Bravo.

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