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So the thought had occurred to me that if you have a movie app such as Netflix and your privacy settings are off, your friends can see what movie or show your see where this is going?
Not sure if you could even pull this off, but what's the chances of maybe creating badges depending on what types of movies you watch?

Example: You get scanned watching Hellraiser and you get the Horror badge or the sci fi horror badge or the Clive Barker badge....or if you watch Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th... You get the "Mommy would be proud" badge.?

I could sit here and go thru an infinite amount of genres, badges and series and such. The ultimate question is can this be done? Or would you want it to be done?
I'm not sure that data can be pulled for what shows or movies you watch inside of Netflix without having the ability to pull data from the app itself. However I like where you was going with that
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Interesting idea, If this is possible I might have to look into this myself for project I am working on.
I would to see that if possible
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That would be awesome. I don't think it's possible through the 360, but maybe via PC it can be seen? I'm thinking when you're logged into both Netflix and GTN, maybe it can be done?

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