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The Xbox One releases on 11/22/2013.

However, on that day, there will be a limited edition version of the console. It is the Day One Edition.

It is the ONLY version of the Xbox One available on 11/22/2013.

At some point AFTER 11/22/2013, the will be a regular Xbox One available.

The Day One Edition will have a unique controller, one with DAY ONE EDITION printed on the center of the face of the controller. The package will include paperwork and stickers and such, including a 25-Character Code, which will unlock a limited achievement, something like they have done for all of their launch teams (360 Launch, NXE Launch, Kinect Launch, etc) or like the Microsoft Store Pre-Order achievement. This achievement will signify to everyone that looks at your profile, that you have a Day One Edition. Which means you had one at launch. Non Day One consoles will NOT be available until AFTER launch (per Microsoft, and Best Buy, and Amazon, etc).

So, if you get an Xbox One right away, you got a Day One Edition, if you got a Day One Edition, you got a code for an achievement, if you use the code, your achievement will pop, and GTN will be able to see it.

That being said, here's the rub:

You do not have to use the code. You can sell it, you can trade it, you can give it away, whatever. Or, like me, you may be getting more than one Day One Edition console. So, maybe you will use each code on different accounts, or you might use one and sell the other... Who knows?

But, you can feel confident in planning at this point, that no "regular" consoles are expected until December (only 8 days later), and that anyone that would end up with an achievement in the first week would have the Day One Achievement. This is especially true of people that are concerned with badges, as they would go out of their way to ensure it is earned.
Thank you for summing that up. The badge should be tied to the achievement, not earning it on day one. That's all I am saying.
That is the best answer I have ever herd Futiles, for that, I thank the exspessly....

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