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similar to what ta has there needs to be a refresh update button so i can update my games myself without having to wait 2 days on a system that snycs thats too slow for me i want update at my leasure time not wait 4 a predetermained time
get-r-done payback is a mother
That is why I pay for TA, and why I subscribed here. I still can't do it on demand, but it does it fairly regularly. If you aren't a premium on TA you only get the once daily so I feel they are on par with that (once you are fully synced that is).
i get 3 free scan a day on ta n i dont pay 4 that on here i get scan once every 2 days
i get 3 free scan a day on ta n i dont pay 4 that on here i get scan once every 2 days
Originally Posted by chunky meconium
Oh really? I didn't realize that. I've been paid member for a few years there and I thought you only got the nightly update. Good to know.
ive thought bout being a paid member on both sites but i dont trust paypal im in a legal battle with pp cause they stole a bunch of money out of my acct thats all im gonna say bout that
I think that supporting small entities, whether it's a business, a web developer with a good site, or etc... it's worth it for both the better service provided and the pride of helping something bigger than yourself. That is why I subscribe and/or donate to several communities. People work hard and pay their hard-earned money for us, so why not cut them even a $3/month break when you can? I own a small business in a small town, and it's detrimental to have a strong support system throughout this whole town. I am a strong advocate for things like this. PayPal can go screw themselves for all I care, but they provide what is becoming a very necessary evil for online transactions. I'd rather support what deserves supporting then let another company ruin my opportunity to serve others, even in a minimal financial sense.

That's just me I guess. Most of my existence is dedicated to service of others. It's who I am, it's my core.

@Kaens: Yes, TA has 3 user-initiated scans per 24hr period, and subscribers can initiate scans as often as they'd like.

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