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Is there anywhere I can adjust forum post count when viewing? I think the default is what, 10 posts per page? I like mine in the 50-100 range, or at least 25 - is there somewhere to select that? If not, can it be added? If neither, then nevermind Big Grin
I had to read your post twice, but I agree. Give me 100 or 200 replies per page! I always set it to max.
Good idea. Let me add this in tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Sweet, another nom for earning the Bright Idea Badge!

Big Grin
This has been added to the Options page:

Look for the new "Posts Per Page" option just above the Time Zone option.
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Set to 100. Thanks Eric (and Porsche)
I took advantage of this feature as well thanks for the idea and the implementation.

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