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So I see a certain member here (porshofiliac) sorry if I screwed your name up, had started posting 100% threads, I think this idea can be honed to adding a 100% club to the game profile. Example: I completed 100% Gears of War, if I visit the page for that game I see other gamers accomplishments and a forum to talk shop about it. What about a leader board that shows who all has completed it 100% as well and by 100% completion I mean all DLC as well, or you could try to make a filter tab to show those gamers that have the original 1k but not the DLC and another tab for those that have the real 100%. ?
That already exists. Go to any game, up in the summary it shows you how many completed that. Click that link and there is a list of everyone and the time they popped that final achievement.

Not so sure about the DLC question. Personally I don't think it should ever be required for completion.
Totally didn't see that...but the dlc tab could work, I know its probably a hot topic, but that could pretty much end the discussion...IDK..just an idea is all.

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