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So I'm not sure if i over looked the options or if i didn't... and this is a feature request. Eric when i post in a thread or create one it subscribes me which is great(Saw that option), but when someone replies to one i get a email and then my GF from across room yells "GTN Emailed You".. At my computer without reading email I have absolutely no idea which thread got replied to.. So i have to click each drives me crazy :-). Is there a way at the top to make a dedicated alert icon that when activity happens in a thread your subscribed to it has a number and when i click only shows my subscribed threads with unread post??... Eric this would be Awesome!!!
I know if you click on Unread Posts at the top right of the screen, the list shows all unread posts, but at each on, if you have posted in it, there's a little bell-type icon indicating you're a part of that thread. I don't know if that helps.
I see what you're saying. Most people don't use the Thread Subscription feature, so I don't really want to add a dedicated icon for it in the header. Instead, I could add a button to the unread posts page (aka the chat icon in the header) which would enable you to view just the threads you're subscribed to. What do you think?

Also, you can view all of your Subscribed Threads here:

(I need to add a link to this page in the My Account section)

Updated: I added a link to the Thread Subscriptions page from the right-hand side of the My Account section.
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Was just going to ask about this. Is there any way you could also add this button in the forums? Would be nice to have it on the right side where New Posts are in the Browse Forums page. Could not find it until I read this thread, and it seems like a natural place for it.
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