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Would love a Playstation sub forum since I play both platforms practically every day. (:
Or maybe just an "Other Gaming" section, like other sites do.
Would love a Playstation sub forum since I play both platforms practically every day. (:
Originally Posted by Choskie
Xbox is better =)
You can start your own threads in the general chat or I believe there is a forum for talk about anything, but you do bring up a question I've been meaning to ask.

On my profile, (everyone's?) there is, near the top of the page, a small box that is the Playstation logo, which if clicked on takes you to the PS official sign in....what's this all about?
How about instead of a sub division do what TA did and just build a second site.. But make this one a little unique, make it a sub integrated site... Let me explain: Which can be linked to your profile here. At the top of your page on both sites would be a button that would allow you to quickly switch between both unique profiles. Those of the user without both wouldn't need to worry about that.
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