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Here is a summary list of all the badge ideas we have had submitted from all of you. Please post any new ideas in the relevant thread after reading this.

This thread is for staff only to post in so any posts made by non staff members will be deleted.
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

'Cheese of course Gromit' play any wallace and gromit game

'Adriiiaan' aBadge for playing any boxing game. Could also be called 'Hit the meat' or 'Knock him to the mat'

'Bottle full of rum' - play any Pirates of the Caribbean game

'To infinity and beyond' - play any Toy Story game

'Hakuna Matata' - play any Disney game

'Just like the movies' - play any movie based game

'I'm awake' - Play any Alan Wake game

'Easy 1000G' - complete Avatar TBE

'Kick it' - play any FIFA game

'Fabled Hero' - play any Fable game

'Lay the smackdown' - play any WWE game

'Elmo's world' - play any sesame street game or app

'One with the wild' - play any Nat Geo game or app

'Mmmm Cheesy' - play any Doritos game

*Open up a can* or *If you smellllllll* - Awarded for playing any WWE title.

congratulations your in the top 50%
Top 30%
Top 20%
Top 10%
Top 1%

'Man of steel' Play any superman game

'Tony Stark' Play any Iron Man game

'go into the light' play any game from codemasters for example grid 1 n 2

'card aficanado' play or complete any card n board game such as texas holdem dominos

one for playing the same game on all platforms, like uno or wordament.

'who you gonna call' for playing a Ghost Buster game!

A badge for having an achievement pop in a game just for putting it into your Xbox like The Simpsons - Hit Start and it pops or Rabbids: Alive & Kicking - Just putting in the disc will unlock an achievement

A badge for popping an achievement with a gamerscore of 1

Sy-horrrified: play any game in the Dead Space series

MANCARD REVOKED - Played Hanna Montana

TRANSFORM - Play a game in the Transformers series

Viral collector badges
A great way for the community to get together and help each other out by sharing viral achievements. There is a list of all of them compiled on another site if this gets consideration I will look it up.
level 1 have 1 viral achievement
leval 2 have 10
and so on, what ever qnty you think fits

'Cold as Ice' - Play and NHL game

'Kick Flip' - Play any game in the Skate series

'Band of Brothers' - Play any COD or Modern Warfare game

'King of Kinect' – Complete any Kinect game

'King of Kinect 2' – Complete 10 Kinect games

'King of kinect 3' – Complete 25 Kinect games

'King of Kinect 4' – Complete 50 Kinect games

'Plays well with others 1' – Gain 1 online only achievement

'Plays well with others 2' – Gain 10 online only achievements

'Plays well with others 3' – Gain 50 online only achievements

'Plays well with others 4' – Gain 100 online only achievements

'Plays well with others 5' – Gain 250 online only achievements

'INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE OF MYSTERY 1,2,3,4,5' - find the mysterious badge hidden in the forums, badges page, videos page, Games and leaderboards

'Commoner 1,2,3,4' - unlock 100,500,1000 and 2000 common achievements

'You're Uncommon 1,2,3,4' - same as above but with uncommon achievements

'I'm Rare 1,2,3,4' - same as above with rare achievements

'I'm rarer 1,2,3,4' - same as above with very rare achievements

'The rarest of them all 1,2,3,4' - same as above but with super rare achievements

What about an App Badge? I noticed that the site tracks Apps, what if we have a badge for people who have used 10 apps or so?

'Gambler' Play any poker game

'Erics school for gifted gamers' Play any x-men game

(old school techno) play the game room or capcom arcade cabinet (arcade legend) complete game room or cac (king of the show) play or complete any family game night game

(flying high) play or complete any of the crackdown games

(quick thumbs) respond to a forum thread that has 10 25 or maybe even 50 replies

Mobility Obsessed - post in forums while signed in with a mobile device.

Quotable Orator - have a post in the forums quoted by another member.

'From the shadows' - Play any Ninja Gaiden game

'Dressed in black' - Play or complete any Men In Black game

'One with the elements' - Play any naruto game

'In the darkness' - play any the darkness game

'Fast as lightning' - complete any Kinect sports game

'It's outta the park' - play Home Run Stars game

'Over the horizon' - play any Forza Motorsports game

The Archaeology Club - For playing both one Indiana Jones and one Tomb Raider game

An Offer You Can't Refuse - Play all the Godfather games

The Art of War - Play any strategy type game like Civilization or Halo Wars

Movie Buff - For playing all the Scene It Games

Olympian - Played a game that is Olympics related, Track & Field or Beijing 2008

Series completionist - complete every game in a series
Could have tiers (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50?)

Stacker - play the same game on multiple regions (NTSC, PAL, NTSC-J etc...)

hand of man -- earn seriously 3.0 in gears of war 3

Kemosabe - play any Prey title

Walker, Texas Ranger - complete Gun 100%

'Just checking' - check your badges page 5 times in one day

'I'm addicted 1' - check your badges everyday for a week

'I'm addicted 2' - check your badges everyday for a month

'I'm addicted 3' - check your badges everyday for 3 months

'Lizard skin' - play and complete Rango

'Community service' - Volunteer for the MotM interview

'Challenge... What challenge' - Complete Chaotikillas Competition Challenge (Hoping to start it soon)

'My new best friend' - Have a staff member on your friends list

'And the winner is...' - Win chaotikillas game of the month

'Popular thread 1,2,3,4,5' - start a thread with 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 replies

Grunt - Play any Halo Game
ODST - Complete any Halo Game
Prophet - complete any two Halo games
Arbiter - complete any three Halo games
John 117 - complete four or more halo games

gears of war

nub- play 1 gow
getting there - complete 1 or more gow
gnasher artisan- complete 2 or more gow
gnasher master - complete 3 or more gow
gnasher god- complete 4 or more gow
king of gears- complete all 4 us gears titles gow 1 pc gow 2 jp n unreal tourney 3

First lesson - play any rock band or GH game
Learning the chords - play any 3 RB or GH games
Getting better - complete any RB or GH game
Get on stage dude - complete any 2 RB or GH games
Rockstar - complete any 3 RB or GH games
Rock legend - complete any 5 RB or GH games

'Cheaper then a real pet' - Complete Kinectimals or Fantastic Pets

"Don't tell anybody" for unlocking a specific amount of secret achievements.

How about badges for Gamerscore Explosion/Achievement Explosion?

Earn 2,000 GS in a day
Earn 100 Achievements in a day

Same idea for week\month\year

This could also be done for Games Started and/or Games Completed.

'Small boom' - earn 10 achievements in a week
'Bigger boom' - earn 25 achievements in a week
'Epic boom' - earn 50 achievements in a week

'Too much time on my hands' - complete a game a week after starting it
'So many games, so little time' - complete 20 games in a year

Multitasker; unlock an achievement on all available platforms in the same day

(Simlish Fun) Play a game in the Sims Series

I Have ALL The Badges Badge - have the most badges of all the site users;
We Have ALL the badges - current top ten badge count
I Had ALL the badges - User was in top ten badge count, but lost his/her place..
I Am The Badge - For me to know....

Me Love You Long Time - For playing a game set int the Vietnam War era.

The Big Red One - For playing a game set int the World War II era

Fossilized - For playing a game that has Dinosaurs in it.

Toy Master - For playing any Skylanders game or Disney Infinity.

Action Baby, for playing a certain amount of Action/adventure games
Puzzled, for playing a certain amount of Puzzle games
Gone Shooting, for playing a certain amount of Shooters (could be broken into fps & tps?)
Hunter, for playing a certain amount of Hunting Sims
Skate or Die! For playing a certain amount of skate games
Aces High, for playing a certain amount of Flight or combat Sims.

Can you hear me now, for having your gamer tag in all caps?
It don't add up, for having numbers in your gamertag?

"Almost Full" - having 14 characters in your gamertag
"Full Tilt" - having 15 characters in your tag.
"Half-Tagged" have 8 or less characters in your tag.
"Original Tagger" have the same tag you signed up with, minimum 3 years.

For Playing Rapala Games "Catch me if you can"

"Faster on the draw than you" for playing Western Cowboys Games like:

"Makeshift Tablet" - Play any game requiring the uDraw Tablet.

"How Many Stacks?!?!?" Play at least 4 versions of Batman Arkham Assylum

Tablet Rookie - play all 3 uDraw titles
Tablet Master - complete all 3 Udraw titles

Stack Noob - play 2 or more different versions of the same game once
Stack Gamer - play 2 or more different versions of the same game 5 times
Stack Obsessed - play 2 or more different versions of the same game 10 times
Stack Elite - play 2 or more different versions of the same game 20 times
Stack Proficient - play all stacked games at least once
Stack Master - complete 30 stacked games with at least 2 occurrences of each title. (15 pairs min)

'A-Z' - Have a friend for each letter of the alphabet

'Road map' - Play any Test Drive Unlimited game

'Literary Perfectionist' - Edit your own post 5 times

'Magical' - Play any Magic the gathering game

'Over the Rainbow' - Play any Rainbow 6 Vegas game

The Walking Dead - Could also be a series badge like play one episode, play all episodes, complete an episode, complete all 6 episodes.

'Party Animal' - Complete 2 Viva Pinata games

A Pirate's Life for Me - For playing a game as a pirate like Age of Booty or Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End

"In the Navy" - Play any naval warfare game.

"Dogfighter" - Play in (x) aerial fighter games.

"Are you Senna?" - Play any F1 game.

"Burning Rubber" - Play or complete (x) number of car racing games.

"Come on down!" - Play any gameshow game.

"Well Travelled" - Play games from each region (NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J)

'Variety is the spice of life' - play a game from each genre

'Very spicy' - play 10 games from each genre

'Don't touch my decks' - play both DJ Hero games

'Reformed Character' - complete Bully

'Did I say something wrong' - Have a post edited or removed by someone else

'Boogie baby' - complete any nickelodeon dance or just dance kids game

'Rainbow Writing' - use every colour of the rainbow once in a single post

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies - play The Walking Dead
Zombie Headhunter - Complete The Walking Dead Episodes 1-3
World War Z'd - Complete The Walking Dead Episodes 4-6
GamerZombieTagNation - 100% The Walking Dead.

"Only Left Turns?" - Play any NASCAR game. ***Exists***

"My Spidey Sense is Tingling" - Play any Spider-man game. ***Exists***

"Gemoholic" - Complete any Bejeweled game.

"I Like Read Japanese" - Play a minimum of 10 Visual Novel games.

"Germany's Cops" - Play any Alarm fur Cobra game (Crash Time)

"Sucker for Punishment" - Complete both versions of Turning Point

"Bad Piggy" - Play any Angry Birds game.

"World Cup Champ" - Complete 2006 & 2010 FIFA World Cup

"Thong Collector" - Complete any Deathspank game

"Original Xbox" - Complete any game launched for the previous console (Some launch titles)

"Nextbox" - Complete any game launched for the Xbox One

"I have hard wood" - Play all Hardwood games.

"Can you tell me how to get..." - Play any Sesame Street game.

"Russian Underground" - Play either Metro game

"Mr. Moneybags" - Play any Monopoly game

"Step jump" play any game in the army of two series.

"Mr. Reaper" play any game in the Hitman series

GamerScore is overrated - Unlock an achievement in Quake II

Party over Here! - Unlock a local 6-player achievement
(don't know if this is possible to track)

Pinball Wizard - Complete any Pinball game

"You're not from around here..." - play a game from a different region than your own.

"Social Outcast" - Send a tweet to @GamertagNation

"There will be blood" enter the blood code from Mortal Kombat 1. Would work the same as the konami code.

"Sexual Tyranasaraus" play any of the alien/predator games

Where is it? For finding a broken Video link and reporting it!

Hey That's You! For Using your gamerpic for your avatar on GTN

Go Big or Go Home - Total Achievements won that are worth 50 gamerscore or higher, can be multiple levels.
1: 5
2: 10
3: 25
4: 50
5: 100
6: 250

I thought I'd lost you! - Start a delisted game

Gold dust - Start a rare game (what could be defined as rare? less than 5 members have it?)

Play all 360 launch titles
Play all Xbox One launch titles
Importer - play PAL, NTSC-J, and NTSC games

"stalker" if u use the gamertag checker feature

"double posting doesn't make friends" double post in a thread
"friend to the friendless" friend someone with no friends
"your not my friend anymore" someone defriended you

Philanthropist - Become a Premium member to GTN

"Advertising Space" - Advertise a competition or community event in your signature

"Gutsy Fish" - Complete both feeding frenzy games

"Are you still there?" - Stay logged in for an hour

"From tourist to guide" - Complete Disneyland kinect

arcade collecter--- have over 10k in arcades
retail junkie---have over 100k in retail games
board master---play or complete 10 or more card n board arcades

Bandwagon Badge - Play a game that 10 of your GTN friends have played.
Backstabber Badge - Start a game after a GTN friend, but complete it before they do.
BFF-I<3U Badge - have your game library 90% similar to a GTN friend
Antisocial Badge - have your game library that is less than 10% of a GTN friend.

"I like gems" - complete any KS gem
"Gem enthusiast" - complete 5 KS Gems
"Gem collector" - complete all of the KS Gems
"I have a cold" - Catch or pass on a viral achievement
"Almost There" - have a game with one achievement left to unlock for 2 weeks

"Top of the charts" - Be in the top 10 of any user or site created leaderboard (minimum of 20 members)
"Are you addicted yet?" - Be one of the first 10 to unlock a badge

"Why Bother?" - Unlock an achievement worth 0 gamerscore.
"Achie Obsessed - No Matter WHAT!" - Unlock 10 Achievements worth 0 gamerscore

"Smile for the camera" - Unlock an achievement for both the Live vision Cam and Kinect
"Look Ma, I'm a DJ" - Play both DJ Hero titles
"One man band" - Get an achievement each for Guitar, Bass, Microphone and Drums on 4 different games
"Complete Set" - Get an achievement for each peripheral (Controller, guitar, bass, drum, mic, dj deck live vision cam, kinect and power portal)

"My darker side" - link your PSN ID
"WASD" or "QWERTY" - link your Steam account
"There are no girls on the Internet" - set your gender to female
"Mech mania" - play any game from the Cybertroopers series
"Shoryuken!" - play any game from the Street Fighter series
"Do the robot" - play any game from the Dance Central series
"Shake that booty!" - play any game from the Just Dance series
"Child at heart" - play any Disney/Pixar game
"I want to paint it black" - play any game from the FEAR series
"Gun 'em down" - play any game from the Contra series
"Hunger" - play any game from The Darkness series
"Metal Gear" - play any game from the Metal Gear Solid series
"Plumbob" - play any games from The Sims series
"Brofist" - play any game from the Double Dragon series[/color]
"My spidey senses are tingling" - play any game from the Spiderman series
"Winter is coming" - play any game from the Game of Thrones series
"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" - play any game from the Spongebob series
"Elementary" - play any game in the Sherlock series
"Foolproof" - play any game in the CSI series

Badges for playing 'x' amount of games by a specific developer and/or publisher e.g 3,5,10 and all.

play 3 Cave games - Cave Explorer
5 Cave Games - Bullet HELL
All Cave Games - Bloody Jitterbug

3 Konami - Up, up, down, down...
5 Konami - So I see you like Konami games (MGS, Psycho Mantis reference)
10 Konami - Star of Destiny
All Konami - Put the controller on the floor (another MGS Psycho Mantis one)

3 Sega - Rise from your grave
5 Sega - Reeaaddyy... GO!
10 Sega - Genesis
All Sega - To play all these takes AGES

1 Koei - Yellow Turban Rebel
3 Koei - 1 vs. 1000
5 Koei - Three Kingdoms Veteran
All Koei - The Art of War

(There could be more companies but I just listed these few, some fans of other companies can probably come up with good names)

Get em while they're hot I, II, III, IV, V - Played x amount of games which are now delisted e.g. 1,3,5,10 and all.

Also possibly some badges for playing 'X' amounts of retro ported games, retro remakes, HD collections.

3 Retro Ports - Back in the day
5 Retro Ports - They don't make 'em like they used to
10 Retro Ports - Let's do the time warp again
All retro ports - If you can't beat em, join em

1 Remake - old school, new style
3 Remakes - Change is good
5 Remakes - Out with the old...
All Remakes - Remastered Gamer

1 HD collection - HD Nostalgia
3 HD collections - Triple Trilogy Gamer
5 HD collections - Hi-Five
All HD collections - But it's prettier in HD

"Associate QA Engineer" - find an issue with GN that Eric fixes.
"QA Engineer" - find 5 issues with GN that Eric fixes.
"Senior QA Engineer" - find 10 issues with GN that Eric fixes.
"Principle QA Engineer" - find 25 issues with GN that Eric fixes.
"Make your own damn site" - find 50+ issues with GN and make Eric ban you.

"Multitasking" - Unlocked at least 1 achievement in 5 different games in a single day
"Start of a new adventure!" - Play Minecraft or Terraria

"Incompletionist I, II, III, IV" - Same as the completionist badges but for games that aren't completed
"Childs Play" - Complete at least 5 Lego games
"Just getting Started" - Add a game to your profile without unlocking any achievements

Streaking - Earn an achievement 5 days in a row. Then could go 15, 30, 45.. up to X amount not really sure.

Advance to GO, Collect $200 - Play any game in the Monopoly series

"Read the books, they're just as good" - Play any Tom Clancy game

Night Owl I - V = pop N achievements between midnight and 3am
Early Bird I - V = pop N achievements between 4am and 7am

Hello!!Anyone there!! For filling your mail box to capacity
or "You've got too much mail"

Explorer's Club - complete Game Room - Pitfall! (WP) or earn Gold Rush achievement from Pitfall! Its a reference to the patches Activision would give you if you reached certain scores in their games. For Pitfall!, it was 20000, which is the gold medal requirement for the game. Throwback badge, fo sho! The patch image could be incorporated into the badge image, maybe?

Too Much Free Time: Play any game for a total of 168 hours (one week).

Are You Tired Yet?: Be online on GTN for 7 consecutive days at Midnight (Time Zones may vary)

You are Bound to Miss it at some Point!: Complete an EA Skate. game! Wow!

The Game: (give no description, give to everyone, picture of a brilliance)

Friends List, NOW.: Have 99 (100 could still count!) friends on your XBox friends list.

Get TECH'D!: Get all 5 of the previous achievements by T3chn0W1ldcat. Big Grin (Only put if all of the previous ones are accepted!)

"Well connected" - Have all available connections set up
"Quickest completion" - Be the fastest to complete a game. Timescale between first and last achievement gained
"Built in a day 1-5" - complete 1,3,5,7,10 games within 24 hours of starting them.
"Not dreaming anymore, Jack..." - complete lost via domus
"Draconus" - play any game with dragons in it
"Got a life" - Don't log in for a week
"Periodic table" - earn an achievement off Mercury hg main game and 1 achievement off each dlc

#1 be the first person to have ever had a membership.
#10 be the 10th person to ever have a membership.
#100, #1000, same as above.
These badges would be one of a kind and only given one gamer at a time.
you could even have a silver badge #1 for being the first ever to be a member then have an alternate gold #1 for being the first person to ever go premium...this gold silver tier could be done for each badge, so it could be possible (however unlikely) that a person could actually get a silver #1000 badge and say a gold #100 badge for being the 1000th person to become a member and then being only the 100th person to become a premium member.

Braaaains! For having more than 5 zombie affiliated games with achievements.
I'm Dancing! For having more than 5 Dance related games on your tag.
Saturday Night Fever! For scoring achievements in any dance game on a Saturday.
Sunday Driver! For scoring achievements in any race game on Sunday!
On any given Sunday! For scoring achievements in any American football game on a Sunday.
CAN'T WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR! For scoring achievements in any American football game on Super Bowl Sunday!

"Do you hear me BROTHER" - Complete hulk hogan main event
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GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

Chaotik Creativity - Suggest 100 badge ideas to the site. Wink

After a bit of research I have come up with
"Google This" - Find this badge in google images.

It would work as I just tried it on several other badges all it would need is a direct link to that badges page and not the page for all the badges.

"Watch the birdie" - Find the badge on GTNs Twitter page or
"In your face" - Find the badge on GTNs facebook page

"No stalling now" - Start and complete 5 games in a week
Tweetard - post a reference to GTN in a Twitter update.
Wink - suggest a badge idea that another member can immediately earn.
Wasted Shelf Space I, II, III, IV, V- have 1, 10, 50, 100, 200 games on your card with zero gamerscore.

We have series for

Apps: App Addict 1-3
Arcade: Arcade Fire 1-7
Games: Full Time Gamer 1-4
Kinect: King of Kinect 1-3
Games for Windows Live: PC Gamer 1-3
Windows 8: Windows 8 My Homework 1-4

But nothing for Windows Phones?!!? I think we need a series for them for sure!

My suggestion = Graduated from iPhone 1-7 (same numbers as the arcade has)

"bear necessities" - Complete Open Season
"Zoo break" - Play any Madagascar game
"Crazy fore Golf" - complete any xbla Golf game
"Join the fitness craze" - Complete any zumba fitness game
"Trialling" - Play any Trials game

"Comic book enthusiast" - Play a game for each super hero (Superman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron man, Spider man, Thor, Captain america, Batman, Green lantern) Can't think of any more that have games. Could even have a check list on the badges page to show what ones you have played

"With War comes Death" - Play any Darksiders game
"Dynasty Destroyer" - Complete any Dynasty Warriors game
"Family Night In" - Complete any Family game night game
"Manager of the year" - Complete any Football Manager or LMA Manager game

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea" - Complete any Spongebob Squarepants game
"Marvel Comic Enthusiast" - Play a game for each Marvel character
"DC Comic Enthusiast" - Play a game for each DC character
"Indie Comic Enthusiast" - Play a game for each Indie Hero

You're Not On My Level : Beat any friends in any games
I'm So Friendly : By reaching 20 and more friends in GTN
I'm A Gamer : Play 10,20 and more games
I Finish First : Finish any games

"I'm so happy" - Complete Happy Wars
"Finally, the fight is over" - Complete Spartacus
"You must be rich now" - Gain the Bling, Bling achievement from GH: World Tour
"The biggest grind" - Gain all 3 above badges and the seriously badge to unlock this one.

Om nom nom - Play any Cut the Rope game

"You're number one!!" - Unlock any achievement that involves getting to number 1 on a Xbox Live Leaderboard.

What about Round or Match MVP achievements, like in Medal of Honor, Gears, etc...? Like earn the MVP achievement in Happy wars, Halo, Gears, Medal of honor. Could be called "Most Valuable Player" too so that people know what it's for

ewww Gross... get any viral achievement

Patient zero - get 5+ virals

Name: F.E.A.R is only the beginning
Requirement: Play any game in the F.E.A.R. series

Name: 3x the F.E.A.R.
Requirement: get full 1000G in 3 F.E.A.R. games

STD collector - win all available viral achievements.

"Pensioner" - One of your unlocked badges just retired
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP


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