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So I know we have a news forum and it seems to be growing.. I was just wondering if we could possibly get a dedicated news page, something that would be updated on a regular basis, it doesn't have to be fancy it could even be supported by the gamers instead of having a dedicated news hound...

maybe even have a ticker on our profile page, that when the news page is updated with an article it would appear on the ticker, giving you a chance to either link to it or know that there is some news to be seen on the news page, or even link it to new forum post in the news forums, so when a new thread is posted it tickers across your page... This could even be an option for other ticker forums and you could elect to have one or more tickers spear on your page? Or say something like a live tile?

I hope I'm explaining this right...
Great, great idea. Then I'd never have to leave GTN...
If not a ticker, how about a single page that updates us on new feature added to the site.. like new badges.. or the fact that you can now add completed games to the trophy case??
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