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When you click on the Badge tab in your profile it shows the number of badges you have (i.e. Found 186 in my case). Can you add what position I hold on the site leaderboard with a link to the leaderboard?
That would be a fun little add-on.. great idea Marv...
I agree, it would be like a friendly little competition, and you could also meet people who have the same amount of badges as you, so the community can grow!
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it would be nice for that to be right there and not have to go to the leaderboard to see your position
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Great idea! And how about a badge for being in the top ten or something? Once won, never leaves, like a legacy badge or something.
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Has to be for the 7 site leaderboards only, but I could be down with that.
Great idea, Marv. I will add this to the Badges tab tonight. I am still working to perfect the badge scoring system, so it might fluctuate while I adjust this.
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