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Hey Eric,

I got excited when I saw the Steam integration tweet you did awhile back. I was checking on the progress and where that was heading. I fully support the idea and believe we could really grow this community if we had this. Right now us PC gamers have Steam to handle our profile, badges and achievements. It works great for what it is, but lacks the depth we have here. To be able to send all people to my GTN profile and have my Xbox and PC stats in one place would be beyond awesome and believe I could get a huge following.
I agree it would be massive !! I dont play alot of Steam but I believe it could attract more people to the stie as well. I dont really like the Steam interface and such but they are sometimes the only source to play certain games or try and find new games/devellopers.
I'll dig into this for you us and see f can get some answers, but if Eric said he was working on it then rest assured that's what he's doing..
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